Baanyan Software Services, Inc.: Employee Reviews

Baanyan Software Services, Inc., is a leading information technology and consulting services company based in New Jersey. It is a member of the New Jersey Staffing Alliance and, since its launch in 2009, it has built a stellar reputation.

Baanyan Software Services’ reputation isn’t just with the clients that it caters to, but with employees. The reviews below are a couple of many overwhelmingly-positive things that employees have said

A Great Place to Work : Baanyan Software Services is a great place to work in. The environment is friendly and all of the necessary resources are provided to consultants,” said Georgios Fournarakis, a programmer analyst with the company since 2013. “The facilities include a training room and a guesthouse that can be used during the marketing and training period. The marketing team is agile and very helpful providing opportunities to consultants while in the job market. Overall is a great company to work in and I would recommend it to feature employees.

Proper Guidance : Baanyan Software Services helped a lot in the time from when I [began] the journey with the company. They gave me proper guidance, [helping me receive my H1B Visa approval],” wrote Chakradhar Pendem, a programmer analyst with the company since 2009. “They were always on time in terms of payments and all. They were always a phone call away from me. I really would like thank every single person who is in my journey till now in Baanyan, especially Moushmi Saha.

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