Baanyan Software Services, Inc: Leading Company

Baanyan Software Services, Inc., is a leading information technology and consulting services company and a member of the New Jersey Staffing Alliance. Since 2009, Baanyan has held its position among the best in its field.

I am immensely delighted to be a part of a reputable company like Baanyan, said Vinod Eppa, a programmer analyst that has worked with Baanyan Software Services since 2010.

I admire how Baanyan carries its identity and the way it conducts the business. Reviews like Vinod Eppa’s are numerous. Many employees have written to express their gratitude for Baanyan’s aid. Another review, for example, is from a programmer analyst named Qinghua Long, who has worked with the company since 2012:

I am so happy and thankful to [have] become a member of Baanyan one year ago, to have people who are just like my family, my teachers, as well as my friends. They helped me out when I was in trouble and shared my happiness when I succeeded their professional training and efficient marketing [brought] me a better job and life than ever.

By using creative solutions to improve presence for businesses of all sizes – from Fortune 100s to startups – Baanyan Software Services actively helps employees, candidates and companies succeed. At the hands of Raghu Daripalli, the company’s President and Chief Executive Officer, it promises to continue doing so for years to come.

Raghu Daripalli is a published author and a well-qualified professional with decades of experience in his field.

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